Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surgery Day

I have to thank all of my great friends and family who called, sent me emails for extra support - the bottles of wine and flowers were nice touches too, you know who you are :). You have no idea how much easier it made it for me. I am lucky to have such a big support group of Family and Friends, it makes life so much easier. I have an army of nurses and friends who have been through similar things, so by the time I went there, I knew what to expect.

The nurse came to check my vitals, and I was so calm that the Nurse asked if my heart rate was naturally so low. And that was before I took an Ativan LOL. I honestly put my mind in the same state I do when running Agility at a big event - there was no turning back. I was freakishly calm.
I have a goal - I don't want to be in Pain anymore. Poor Pete had to listen to my songs on the way to the Hospital but he was so great. He held my hand the whole time. I use humour as a coping mechanism, and I am glad to say I had the Staff laughing :)

Dr. A came in and signed my leg, couldn't figure out what "SLA" meant. I thought it meant "Stupid Leg Attached", but I figured out it was his initials...

You have no idea how many fears I conquered yesterday:
- I got my first IV (and it didn't hurt and I didn't cry)

- I didn't faint at all when the Surgeon came it to talk about what he was doing

- I didn't faint when the Anesthetist talked about the options for my sedation

- I chose to go for the Spinal and took a needle to my back (so I was numb from the lower back down) ... boy I could use a tan.
- AND you won't believe this ... I watched my surgery! It was cool to see the inside of my knee and see my Meniscus just hanging there, my altered Drug induced state made it possible for me not to panic.

The deed all done.

The Surgeon said he was very surprised at how much my leg moves laterally, and he is surprised that my leg doesn't give out on me more. He's never able to get a good feel for it when I'm awake - as I have the Art of guarding down to a science. So when I meet with him in 2 weeks, we will be discussing further surgeries, and I am OK with that. Well at least I think I am, could be these wicked painkillers not making me think straight however.

My Therapy dogs helping me stay sane while I'm having to rest.
Also never out of reach are Ice Packs (icing every 30min) and Tylenol 3s, I'm poppin' those bad boys every 4 hours.

The beautiful flowers a friend sent over, I was greeted with them when I got home.

I'm now on the road to rehab, and I am looking forward to the Journey. I will be better, faster and stronger than ever. Look out, here I come!


Diana said...

So glad everything went well. Happy Healing!

Jules said...

Glad you made it through! I hope rehab goes swiftly for you!

sandyv2222 said...

lol, doesn't hurt that the surgeon isn't bad to look at either hey?! Hope you recover fast, keep up with physio and keep moving to get the blood flowing :)

Loretta Mueller said...

So happy everything is on the mend! You are brave to be able to watch! YIKES!!

BCxFour said...

I am so happy you have begun your journey back to full recovery, and conquered many of your fears with the hospital. You have an incredible attitude :)

dogzoomies said...
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dogzoomies said...

Wishin you a speedy recovery with surgery and rehab. You'll be running with the dogs again in no time. Meanwhile I'm sure they are just as happy to be with you in a therapy dog role!

Ruth said...

Pleased that everything went well for you - have a speedy recovery!

Jan A said...

You are a real trooper !! Glad that part is over for ya. Ruby and I wish you a speedy recovery.