Monday, March 7, 2011

The Agility Gods didn't strike, phew.

By nature I am not a religous person, I didn't grow up going to church - but I did hang out with friends of various beliefs, and I always found it interesting, and respected it. I am what you might call Agnostic. I think the same applies for me in Agility - while I believe there is a higher power, I don't believe in just one thing. There are parts from certain religions I find quite interesting, which I why I can't bring it upon myself to embrace just one of them. Same goes for "systems". While I think I train more under the Derrett school, and have been trained to do so, I just can't help but to do things my own way sometimes, or adapt something from other methods, even if it means I might have sinned. I see people who seem to have their own methods with all of their dogs, and it works for some - others not so much. I see some people handling under systems and the dogs are amazing - and others confused, it seems to me people sometimes forget to FEEL their dogs and get too caught up in the hoopla.

Do you get where this is going?

There is the whole system debate ... and what I take from any system is consistency - and making sure the dog gets it, and has FUN while doing it. Above all else with my dogs, I try to stay as consistent with them, I have very specific positions etc for crosses and where I want my dogs to jump, I believe in clear arm changes etc. I just can't convince myself that one thing works for all dogs - in order to get the best out of that specific dog. I have trained 3 very different dogs, and while I generally walk courses the same for them, there are slight differences based on speed and physical ability of that dog. I also see this dogs and people I help to train.

Well I'm always one to try new things, I normally embrace change. So here you go ...

seems like these 2 dogs understand this ... again there is nothing else for them to take, I would never do this if there was equipment behind them to lock on to - I believe in not taking my eyes off my dog - so this is REALLY out of my comfort zone. But, hell it got a tight turn, so why not live on the edge a little? And the way I think about it, I can't really screw Kaleb up, he's already as nutty as they come, and so am I ... we make a good team.

He was amazing this weekend!!!! It was my last hurrah before my knee surgery and I had a blast. Kaleb was only 1 of 8 dogs (out of 60) to Qualify in Challenge and Masters Gamblers. He ran 4/4, whatta guy. These next few months will be hard not running Agility, but I ended on a high note, so that makes me happy.

I also got to run Blue Eye Skye in Mast Jumpers, we Qd - she a gorgeous Tri BC girlie ... so much fun, and I miss running Gyp so much, this sure helped :)

Our group was amazing this weekend ... so many awesome runs, lots of Qs and some new titles.

I'm off to repent my sins, have a great week everyone.


Kim said...

I love "The Move"!!!!!

TAG ALONG said...

I love the move and it feels really cool... and it make's people go ohhh,ahhh,, WTF :o)