Monday, May 25, 2009

Bird is the Word

We had a nice day training at Blazingstar Ranch this weekend
.... dogs, ducks and friends! I hope to get K's last Junior Hunter leg this summer, so back into the field we go!

Kaleb and Donald ... duck that is. I took this with my zoom lens so he was not as close as he seemed, I would have been trampled if he was actually this close :)

I was very proud of him for honoring at the water. That is Judy's Roxy out there.

Kaleb likes to make a big splash ... 

the end result: soggy dog, soggier duck. There is nothing better than seeing a dog do what it was bred for.

Liz and Andy's, Tinbie with his duck.

Judy holds on TIGHT to Roxy as they wait for the bird.

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