Monday, May 4, 2009

Wide Open Spaces Part 2.

So hypothetically speaking .... if Kim Collins and Terry Simons, in two weekends of Agility seminars tell me pretty much the same things, good AND bad - do you think I need to make some changes and fix those things that need improvement?

Nope, you say? Stick with the stuff I am good at, and nevermind the other stuff?

OK, good, because I didn't want this post to be long either. That was easy. (note: sarcasm has been placed strategically in this post) ......

OK, OK, I'll write more ....
Here are a couple runs from the Trial/workshop this weekend with Terry. We ran 4 runs that were part of an AAC trial, then reran them to hopefully improve the second time, here are my Standard re-run and Jumpers (we Qd and placed 1st). I was pretty happy with how I handled - I got better over the day, I had some issues in my first run and my second, OK the third run too (my headspace more than anything, I lost confidence and second guessed myself, and didn;t support a jump a couple times - an 'issue' i have among other things, like 'rushing', 'overrunning' and my dog 'launching' instead of 'collecting' on deceleration cues SIGH... oh and trust your training, idiot.). 

There are a few standout things I "apparently" need to work on (wink). You mean Gyp isn't perfect, and I'm human? What the hell. I demand a refund!!! Oh wait, they were right, nevermind, I should pay them double (don't tell them that).


sweetpea_path said...

I sure do enjoy reading your blog! These videos are terrific - good training tool - and since I am just starting out in Agility with my dog, I really look forward to your posts. Thanks a lot for sharing!
p.s. geesh, do we have a l-o-n-g way to go :>}
p.p.s. looks to me like Gyp's doing great but whaddo I know?!

Sarah said...

Thanks :)

Its mostly me that needs the work!! she does pretty darn good i agree :)

Marne said...

Oh man! I miss agility sooo much! Dax still hasn't gotten those weave poles. No fault of his own....we just have missed so many classes and I don't own a set. I used to train with Kim when I lived in PG....she gave Sam and I some great foundation work. Anyhoo, you and Gyp looked good to my inexperienced eye.