Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Weekend

Here's hoping we can all stay under the covers a little longer this weekend ...

When you're this lazy, they call you Jane. She loves to sleep in.  

Jane in the early stages of waking up...
eyes open, bad breath and grumpy.
Where's my coffee?

NOTE: white dog who sleeps in our bed = light sheets, light bed cover 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these photo's...honestly I am totally not an 'expert' eye in anyway but your new camera rocks! That could also be the 4 drinks I had tonight talking;). See you tomorrow, if Neena could talk she'd be counting sheep!


Sarah said...

You crack me up Jenilee, glad you like the photos :)

I'll be bringing my camera tomorrow, hopefully I'll get some good shots. We'll have to let the three girls have a run together afterwards!!!

It'll be neat to try NEW sheep!

I'm on my only my first glass of wine, I have some catching up to do!!

Loretta Mueller said...

Great pics....jane cracks me up ;)