Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bright and Early

22/52 - 52 Weeks for Dogs

Part of my 52 weeks project is to showcase Gyp with landmarks or interesting structures in our city. It is hard to tell, but Gyp is sitting on only about a 10" ledge, what a good girl.
Today we set out bright and early to the photograph part of the remaining frame of the orignal hospital in our city. This spot is used alot for weddings, family photos as it is situated beside what is now a gorgeous museum, and to top it off, it leads to miles of walking trials, which all 3 dogs enjoyed after the photos today.

The coolest thing happened after the photos were done, I lifted Gyp down from the ledge, and before I had a chance to call her, she had ran over to a park bench where an elderly lady was enjoying the morning sun, Gyp hopped right in beside her for a snuggle. I apologized, and the lady was so nice and was more than happy to share the bench with her. I don't think she wanted her to go.

seriously, how cute is this?

There are a number of Senior Residences that border the park, so they got to meet quite a few new, older friends today. It is safe to say, they left a lot of smiles on people's faces.


manymuddypaws said...

awww, gyp really is the perfect therapy dog...too bad you don't have more time! she would LOVE that. great photos~

Sarah said...

that might be her "retirement" job some day, she would just love it.

Kim said...

Great pictures!

I don't know who looks like they are enjoying themselves more - the lady on the bench or Gyppie. I think it was a good deal for both.

gussysmom said...

they look so great together; what a wonderful happy picture and story. makes me smile just to think about it. I'll bet Gyp was making contact with the gal when she was getting her picture taken. thanks for sharing!