Thursday, May 21, 2009

muttley crew ....

(l-r) Wicca, Tag, Gyp, Lucy, Maggie, BB, Pearl,
missing: K-man had the night off and Jane was in lock up
*also Stoker the sheltie was absent as his handler was home with the flu!

After our Regionals prep class on Tuesday we took a minute for a group photo. This is our group who will be representing Go! Dog! Go! at the AB/NWT Regionals next month.  

Amanda and I have been to many regionals, but for everyone else in our group, this is thier first time, and to top it off, we are co-hosting. It has been a ton of work so far, but the end result will make it all worth it!

Visit the Regionals Website here

If you think the dog in the logo looks conveniently similar to a Flat-coat ...
 you might be on to something :)

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